121 Financial’s Beaches branch, located at 1856 3rd Street South, Suite 245, is closing permanently on Friday, May 19, 2023.

We are working on new banking options to better serve our Beach members and will update you as our plans progress.
In the meantime, for your in-person needs, our Touchton and Kendall Town branches (directions below) are within a short drive and offer drive-thru service.
In addition, you can find co-op shared branching options, including the nearby JaxFed CU, using our branch locator tool
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the branch closing?
Due to the low amount of foot traffic and high costs of maintaining a physical branch, we are exploring other options for delivering modern banking services to our local area members. 

Is there a new Beaches branch planned? Where?
121 Financial is working to install a drive-up line of Live Teller Machines at 2017 3rd St. North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. Currently, we plan to finalize installment of these machines by June 30, 2023.

I've never used a Live Teller Machine before. How do they work?
Just like an ATM, you can insert your debit card to use the ATM, or touch the screen to speak to a live teller face to face. We've created some online tutorials to help educate you about our Live Teller Machines. 

I'd like to sign up for online banking.
Great! Simply enroll by going to 121fcu.org, click account login at the top right. A new window will open and you will select “enroll” at the bottom blue menu bar. Start here.

What is co-op shared banking? How do I find local branches? 
121 Financial partners with hundreds of credit unions all over the country so you can have in-person banking options practically anywhere you travel. This includes dozens of local shared branching options, such as with JaxFed CU, which has a branch near our current 3rd Street location. You can find shared branch partners using our online branch locator tool. 

What transactions/services can a "shared" branch provide?
At a co-op shared branch, you can complete many of the same transactions you would at a normal 121 Financial Credit Union branch. This includes:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals (cash & check)
  • Transfers
  • Inquiries, such as balance or payment amounts
  • Loan payments
  • Loan advances
  • History printouts